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Dortmund Live Streams 2021

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Soccer fans living in different parts of the can follow Dortmund live streams. Borussia Dortmund is one of the most popular German soccer clubs in the world. If you love to enjoy the German top tier, you would seriously catch some fixtures of Borussia Dortmund.

This German club is currently placed fifth in the Bundesliga league points table. The club has 22 points from 13 league fixtures, eight points behind league leaders Bayern Munich. And Dortmund will face Sevilla in the 2020-21 UEFA Champions League Round of 16.

How can I follow Dortmund’s live streams in 2021?

Soccer fans living in different parts of the world can follow Dortmund live fixtures. In fact, you guys can follow live fixtures of this German club on TV and on mobile phones. Moreover, we have plenty of streaming devices to choose from.

Back in the day, there were only TV streams of a live sport like soccer. But, since online streaming came into the picture, we have had plenty of options to stream soccer fixtures.

If you are already a subscriber of a Bundesliga TV broadcaster, you can watch Dortmund fixtures on TV. If not, you can look for online streaming platforms. Some streaming platforms to stream Bundesliga live fixtures online are Sling TV, fuboTV, and YouTube TV.

Can I follow Dortmund live fixtures on Smart TVs?

Yes, you can. Soccer fans living in different parts of the world can access live soccer streams on Smart TVs. We already mentioned that there are plenty of streaming devices for you to watch live soccer from home. And smart TVs are one of the options.

Dortmund Live Streams 2021
Enjoy Dortmund live streams on smart TVs

If you want to follow Dortmund live streams on smart TVs, you can use both a cable TV connection or a streaming service. There are several streaming platforms that are compatible with smart TVs now. With a smart TV, you can follow live programs of your cable connection and also enjoy shows through the internet.

Can I enjoy free streams of Borussia Dortmund?

If you are looking for free streams of soccer, you just go lucky. If you want to follow live free streams of this German club, you have to look for online streams. Free streams of Borussia Dortmund on TV are only available for home fans. Soccer fans living in Germany can follow three league fixtures of Dortmund on a free-to-air channel.

For the majority of soccer fans, you guys have a few proper free streaming services to attain this feat. You have a few options with you to follow Borussia Dortmund live free streams. Moreover, the free streams will be in stunning HD quality. Isn’t it great?

  • Buff Stream
  • Stream2Watch
  • CricHD
  • Ripple Stream
  • Ace Stream
  • Soccer Streams

You guys can use those aforementioned free streaming platforms to watch free streams of Dortmund. The best thing is that you can follow both league fixtures and UEFA fixtures of this German club for free using those sites. You surely couldn’t be asking for more, right?

TV channel to watch free Dortmund streams in Germany?

TV broadcaster partners of league sports like Bundesliga spent a lot of money on streaming rights. Channels have to spend millions of dollars to secure the streaming rights of Bundesliga. It wouldn’t be in their fair interest to offer free streams of Bundesliga.

Home fans are quite lucky when it comes to free TV streams of Bundesliga. If you live in Germany, you can watch three Bundesliga Matchday on a free-to-air channel. This means you can follow three league fixtures of Borussia Dortmund from this season for free on TV.

A German TV broadcaster ZDF has rights to three Bundesliga Matchdays. And it offers live fixtures on a free-to-air channel. You can follow 1st, 17th, and 18th Bundesliga Matchday for free on TV in Germany with ZDF. The live streams will be in HD quality.

Can I follow Bundesliga live streams without registration?

Whenever we look to follow live streams of soccer from home, it is wise to cling to an authentic provider. Speaking of authentic providers of Bundesliga, there are cable TV networks and streaming partners. And you have to register for all of them.

But if you insist on following live streams of Bundesliga fixtures without registration, you can have your way. There are some free streaming platforms online you can use for this. Stream2Watch, Soccer Streams, CricHD do not require registration. So, it is better to use them.

You have to be careful when you use a free streaming platform online. You could be subjected to harmful pop-ups or ads. It is better to go with an authentic provider.

TV channels to watch Borussia Dortmund live streams

Bundesliga is shown live in 100 plus countries. And you guys can follow live fixtures of Bundesliga on TV from different parts of the world. If you live in Germany, you have Sky Sports to follow Bundesliga fixtures on TV. Sky Sports is a pay-TV service.

Dortmund Live Streams 2021
You can follow Bundesliga live streams in HD on TV

If you live in Germany and want to follow Dortmund’s live streams on mobile phones, you have DAZN. DAZN is a top subscription-based streaming service. You can follow some Bundesliga fixtures live online using a DAZN subscription. It will cost you $9.99 per month.

For viewers living outside Germany, here is a list of some TV broadcast partners of Bundesliga for this season.



Albania & Kosovo







Armenia 2

Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg

Sky Sport


Idman Azerbaijan TV




Play Sports

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nova Sport


Diema Sport

Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia & Slovenia

Sport Klub


Cyta Vision

Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

TV3 Sport

Finland & Sweden

Viasat Sport






Cosmote Sport


Digi Sport




BT Sports, Sky Sports, Premier Sport

Italy, San Marino

SKY Sport


Total Sports Network






TV Sport




Sport TV




Okko Sport


Premier Sport


Canal+ and Sky Sports


S Sport & TRT Spor


Setanta Sport

Enjoy Borussia Dortmund live fixtures on YouTube TV

YouTube TV is one of the most popular streaming platforms now. The days are long gone when we could only use YouTube as a video-sharing app. Now, you can use YouTube as a digital TV. YouTube TV is quite costly for you though. It will cost $64.99 per month.

For a fee of $64.99 per month, you will get live TV programs from 85 plus major TV channels from around. You will get some major sports channels like ABC, ESPN, USA Network, Fox Sports, Premier Sport, and others. You can follow most of Bundesliga’s live fixtures live online on YouTube TV. YouTube TV offers a week free trial for new users.