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From where are you following Bundesliga live streams now? The 2020-21 Bundesliga campaign is already into its Matchday 12. If you are already a user of a Bundesliga cable TV broadcaster or streaming partner, you in a good state. If not, here’s what you need.

The live fixtures of this German top-tier airs live on cable TV networks across countries and continents. Additionally, the rise of tech has now handed us online streams too.

Are there any free Bundesliga streams on TV?

The live streams of professional sports like soccer are hard to find on a free-to-air channel. TV networks have to spend a huge sum of money to secure the streaming rights of live sports. When you spend a lot of money on something you will not be willing to do charity over that thing, right?

Only the home fans have the privilege to follow some Bundesliga fixtures for free on TV. Meanwhile, foreign fans will not be able to follow free Bundesliga streams on TV. This does not imply that there aren’t any free streams of Bundesliga fixtures at all. We have some streaming platforms to follow Bundesliga live streams for free of cost.

Many of you might not know this, but you can enjoy free live soccer streams using paid streaming platforms. Additionally, we have a few Reddit platforms to follow live soccer streams for free of cost. All the free streams of Bundesliga will be in stunning HD quality.

Reddit Alternatives for Bundesliga free streams

If you are looking for Reddit Alternatives of Bundesliga, then you are aware of the Reddit service. Not long ago, we had Reddit follow live soccer streams from Bundesliga, La Liga, and others for totally free of cost. Due to copyright issues, Reddit had to bring an end to its free streaming side.

Though Reddit is no longer of use to watch free Bundesliga live streams, we have some options here. Since the disposal of Reddit free streams, there has been some reliable Reddit Alternative to watch live competitive sports for totally free of cost.

Bundesliga Live Streams 2021
Enjoy free Bundesliga live streams with Ace Stream

Here are some top free Reddit Alternatives to watch Bundesliga live matches for free,

  • /r/SoccerStreams69
  • Redditsoccer
  • /r/Redsoccer
  • Ace Stream
  • Ripple Stream
  • Buff Stream

Are Reddit Alternatives Legit Now?

The main query surrounding a Reddit service has to be its authenticity and validity. The main reason for the breakdown of Reddit was its authenticity. The primary Reddit platform faced copyright issues from TV broadcasters and sports leagues alike. This makes us wonder whether Reddit Alternatives are legit or not.

Well, the debate for Reddit Alternatives being legit or not could on longer than we can imagine. And we could not be the right ones to be judgemental here. But, what we can assure you, you will not be at risk using those aforementioned platforms.

Those free streaming platforms do not put your privacy or your device security to test. You can access those websites on a number of streaming devices to enjoy free streams of soccer live from home. Things can’t get any easier than this, right?

Enjoy free Bundesliga live streams on YouTube TV

YouTube TV is one of the top go-to platforms to enjoy a live sport like soccer today. Once, YouTue was only a video-sharing application. But, today it has much other usefulness. Now, viewers from different parts of the world can use YouTube as a live TV.

YouTube TV is available in 120 plus countries across continents and is available in different languages. We want to tell you this, YouTube TV is one of the costliest streaming platforms you will come across in today’s time. Still, you can enjoy free streams on it.

Just like most other paid streaming platforms, YouTube TV offers a free trial period to its new users. So, if you haven’t subscribed to YouTube TV yet, you can do it now. And enjoy Bundesliga matches for free of cost for a week’s time. It costs you $64.99 per month.

List of International TV Broadcast Partners

Here is the list of a few international TV broadcast partners of Serie A for the 202-21 Serie A season.



Albania & Kosovo







Armenia 2

Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg

Sky Sport


Idman Azerbaijan TV




Play Sports

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nova Sport


Diema Sport

Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia & Slovenia

Sport Klub


Cyta Vision

Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

TV3 Sport

Finland & Sweden

Viasat Sport






Cosmote Sport


Digi Sport




BT Sports, Sky Sports, Premier Sport

Italy, San Marino

SKY Sport


Total Sports Network






TV Sport




Sport TV




Okko Sport


Premier Sport


Canal+ and Sky Sports


S Sport & TRT Spor


Setanta Sport

How can I follow Bundesliga live streams in the US?

The best option for American soccer fans to follow this German top tier could be online streaming. At present, the streaming rights to Bundesliga fixtures in the United States are within ESPN+. It is a subscription-based video streaming application available in the US.

For cord-cutters in the United States, there are other few options to follow Bundesliga live streams on mobile phones or tablets. fuboTV, Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV offer live online streams of Bundesliga matches in the United States. The live streams will be in HD.

If you wish to follow the matches on TV, you have Fox Sports to do so. Fox Sports is a subscription-based cable TV network. So, you will need to spend some money on the service.

Enjoy Bayern Munich live streams on Fox Sports

Fox Sports is one of the top sports-oriented cable TV networks in the United States. Along with this German top tier, Fox Sports is also home to other competitive sports in the US.

The TV streams of Bundesliga fixtures will be live across different Fox Sports channels like FS1. All the TV streams of the Fox Sports network will be in stunning HD quality.

Bundesliga Live Streams 2021
Enjoy Bayern Munich live streams on Fox Sports

Fox Sports has its own streaming platform developed for cord-cutters and the viewers of the channel alike. If you want to follow Bayern Much live streams on your mobile phones, you have the Fox Sports Go app.

All Bundesliga matches that will air live on the Fox Sports network will be available for online streaming on the Fox Sports Go app.

Options for home fans to watch Bundesliga live

As a home sport, Bundesliga will have a huge fan following in Germany. If you love soccer and live in Germany, you simply can’t hate Bundesliga, can you? The home fans can follow live streams of Bundesliga fixtures on TV and on mobile phones or PCs.

You can follow Sky Sports Bundesliga and DAZN to enjoy Bundesliga live streams in Germany. Sky Sports Bundesliga has rights to the most number of Bundesliga matches.

In Germany, soccer fans can follow Bundesliga live fixtures for free on TV with ZDF. This cable TV channel will air all fixtures from matchdays 1, 17, and 18 for free.