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Do you know how you can follow AS Monaco live streams? AS Monaco is one of the most successful soccer clubs competing in France Ligue 1. The club has won eight league titles along with five Coupe de France titles. In European competition, AS Monaco has finished as the runner-ups of the 1992 UEFA Cup Winner’s Cup and the 2004 UEFA Champions League.

This season AS Monaco has no party in the European competition. Last season, the club finished in 9th place in the league points table. So, no European competition for the club this year. Looks like fans of the club have only league fixtures to catch up this term.

How can I follow AS Monaco live streams?

Viewers living in different parts of the world can follow the live fixtures of AS Monaco. As there are no European fixtures for AS Monaco, you guys have league fixtures to catch up with. This means you are only going to need broadcasters of Ligue 1 for AS Monaco live streams.

Still, if you need some details on AS Monaco European live streaming, here’s what you will be needing to know. To catch up with AS Monaco streams, you have TV streams and online streams of France Ligue 1. Both TV and online streams offer HD soccer streaming.

This top French soccer league is shown live in over 100 countries across continents. Viewers living in different parts of the world can watch live fixtures of AS Monaco. There are several TV broadcasters of France Ligue 1. If you live in France, you have Telefoot and Canal+ to follow AS Monaco TV streams.

TV channels to watch AS Monaco live streams?

Soccer fans can access AS Monaco live streams both on TV and mobile phones. In fact, there are plenty of streaming platforms for soccer fans to enjoy AS Monaco live fixtures. Back in the days we only had TV as our sole option to enjoy a live stream of soccer.

You can enjoy AS Monaco live streams on smart TVs
You can enjoy AS Monaco live streams on smart TVs

But today, we have many. You guys can follow HD streams of soccer on smart TVs, Apple TV, Samsung TV, android and iOS devices, Fire TV, and many others. You can use streaming platforms like fuboTV to watch AS Monaco live streams on smart TVs.

If you are already a cable TV subscriber of Ligue 1 broadcasters, you can watch AS Monaco matches on TV. But, if you haven’t subscribed to any cable TV broadcasters of Ligue 1, you can try online streaming. You have to spend some money here.

Streaming platforms to watch AS Monaco online streams?

Soccer fans living in different parts of the world can enjoy online streams of this French soccer club. If you live in the United States, you have plenty of options to enjoy soccer streams from the French league. You can choose from fuboTV, TV5 Monde Etats Unis, Sling TV, beIN Sports Connect, and IGOL to watch Monaco league fixtures in the US.

All of them are paid streaming platforms, so you have to spend a considerable sum of money to watch live soccer streams on your mobile phones or tablets. Sling TV is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the US. It will cost you $30 per month.

In the United States, beIN Sports has rights to TV streams of League 1. So, American fans can also opt for beIN Sports Connect to watch league fixtures of AS Monaco. You can have beIN Sports Connect for $19.99 per month or you can opt for $179.99 per annum.

Options to watch live France Ligue 1 streams in the UK

Soccer fans living in the United Kingdom can follow France Ligue 1 fixtures on TV and on mobile phones. Just like viewers living in the United States, American soccer fans have plenty of streaming devices to watch Ligue 1 fixtures. Of course, it will cost you some.

In the United Kingdom, BT Sport holds streaming rights to France Ligue 1. So, if you want to follow the traditional pay cable TV method to watch Ligue 1 matches, you can subscribe to BT Sport. You can subscribe to the BT Sport channel for a fee of £29.99 per month.

Meanwhile, if you wish to watch AS Monaco league matches online on mobile phones or tablets you can use the BT Sport app. If you already have a BT Sport channel in your cable TV bundle, it would be wise to continue with it. But, if you don’t have a BT Sport channel in your cable TV bundle, you can opt for the BT Sport app.

How can I watch AS Monaco matches in Canada?

Viewers living in Canada can follow AS Monaco league fixtures both on TV and mobile phones. For Canadian viewers, the live stream of Ligue 1 is broadcast across the country on beIN Sports. So, if you are a beIN Sports user, you can follow league fixtures of AS Monaco on TV.

You can enjoy AS Monaco live fixtures on beIN Sports
You can enjoy AS Monaco live fixtures on beIN Sports

With beIN Sports, soccer fans living in Canada will not be able to follow European fixtures on TV. To enjoy live fixtures of European matches in Canada, you guys need a DAZN subscription. DAZN is a top English streaming platform. You can have DAZN for $9.99 per month.

TV channels to watch AS Monaco matches

Soccer fans living in different parts of the world can follow Ligue 1 fixtures on TV. The France Ligue 1 has different cable TV broadcast partners for the 2020-21 season. The home fans can enjoy league fixtures of Ligue 1 on Telefoot and Canal+.

Telefoot broadcasts 8 league matches each week. And Canal+ broadcasts 2 league matches every week. So, soccer fans living in France need to subscribe to both Telefoot and Canal+ to enjoy all league fixtures from the soccer league on TV. The streams will be in HD quality.

If you live in Brazil, you can enjoy League 1 fixtures on TV with an Onefootball subscription. Below is the list of some international TV broadcast partners of Ligue 1.

  • Brazil – Onefootball
  • Canada – beIN Sports
  • Mexico/ Central America – ESPN
  • United States – beIN Sports
  • China – CCTV/ PPTV
  • Japan – DAZN
  • New Zealand – beIN Sports
  • Central Asia – Setanta Sports
  • Italy – DAZN
  • Norway – Viasat Sport
  • Portugal – Eleven Sports